Our goal is to be Sweden's best workplace

Avensia has put its name on the map throughout Scandinavia for its innovative e-commerce solutions. What many people don’t know is what it’s like to work at Avensia. A company with the ambition to become number one employer in the whole country.

Every year Avensia conducts an employee satisfaction survey. By finding out what the employees think about certain aspects of the company, Avensia can put in efforts to improve for every year. The 22-question long survey showed an 8 percent overall satisfaction increase since last year. Since 2014 the satisfaction has increased by 15 percent. Some of the aspects that have skyrocketed since last year is the ability to influence your own work, conflict handling, pride for working at the company and individual ability to make a change.

“What we have accomplished during the last year is amazing. We are growing like never before and still we have been able to become a better employer for each individual in the company. We know that it requires an extraordinary employer to attract extraordinary people and we are willing to go that extra mile to become the best employer in the market”, says Robin Gustafsson, CEO at Avensia

Avensia, the e-commerce innovation company, has experienced a lot of success in the market. But behind all the success of new customers, projects and cool solutions is something deeper. A special culture has been formed. A winning development culture that brings out the best of the employees, both professionally and personally. Something that is based on Avensia's core values and shows in a wonderful community.

"Please, build something really bad, package it and post it on our Nu-Get feed. If it’s not good, it will give someone else the confidence to create something better"

This was a request from Anders Ekdahl at Avensia to get more employees to test their ideas by lowering expectations. Avensia's future will be comprised of Intrapreneurship and to enable that, it is important to dare to fail. In order to build on the company's innovation culture, the concept of Avensia X has been created.

As Avensia grows, the company is working hard to maintain its soft values that make the employees feel safe and love their jobs. Newly-employed Stephanie Rosvall is an important player in this project. In addition to recruitment, she will work to meet the needs of the staff in both professional and personal aspects.

"We are a big company and we will become even bigger. But to me it's important to keep that family feeling and that's something that I'm very passionate about. I'm often the person people come to if they need to talk, no matter what the subject is. It's important that everyone is seen, says Stephanie Rosvall, Talent Aquisition Manager at Avensia"

The goal of becoming Sweden's best employer is ambitious, but Avensia is already on track.

"For a person to enjoy his workplace, there is a golden formula to relate to, says Stephanie. A collective 'we against them' feeling. Challenging work environment. Trust from employers and colleagues. Social exchange and a good balance between work and leisure. When these parameters are in order, our employees love their work. We already meet the expectations in most parameters and we are working to make it even better"