Stenströms launches flagship e-commerce

Stenströms, a classic shirt manufacturer and one of the oldest in Europe, has undergone extensive digital transformation. In the fall of 2017, the brand launched its B2B e-commerce. Now, Stenströms is establishing its flagship B2C e-commerce website.

March 1 marked the launch of Stenströms’ modern B2C e-commerce website. Another big step in the brand’s digitalization project, the website was developed with a focus on UX and is meant to inspire and simplify the Stenströms customer journey. With the SCOPE framework and a completely unique UX design, maintains the same high quality as the brand’s shirts and service.

The first step of the Stenströms’ digitalization project was taken in the fall of 2017, resulting in the Stenströms B2B e-commerce. Its aim is to facilitate and streamline purchases and sales for Stenströms’ resellers. It’s a global solution that enables corporate clients to swiftly make orders, with a complete overview of and access to the range of products. As many resellers have a limited selection of shirts, they now have the opportunity to manage sales and have their product shipped to the buyer via the Stenströms website.

“Consumers come to our resellers for competence unavailable anywhere else. All the knowledge is in these stores. From how to measure to get the best fit to the quality of the different types of fabric. We want to make it easier for our resellers to do their jobs, which is why we’re giving them new tools to work with,” explains Fredrik Strandberg, Stenströms CEO.

With values and brand associations strongly connected to heritage and tradition, a complete digital transformation was everything but obvious for Stenströms. But the brand recognized the need to be where the customer is, which today means on digital spaces and platforms. Getting there was a challenge that required new systems, but also – more than anything –new competencies, priorities, and processes to be adapted within the organization.

“We really made the right call when we chose our partner for this project. Our plan was to find a supplier that could solve the technical parts of e-commerce, but we got so much more. Avensia has challenged our ideas from the start, and we’ve really made this transformation happen together. They’ve helped us with everything from strategy discussions to complete implementation. Our ambition is now to continue to develop our digital platform and to take the next step. We always strive to make the customer experience better,” says Fredrik Strandberg.

The project has involved several parts of the Stenströms organization and has been very demanding when it comes to adjustments and customizations.

“We have a great deal of respect for Stenströms’ long history. To challenge their business model and way of working has not been easy. Through close-knit collaboration, we’ve worked together on strategy, recruitment, digital services and to secure systems for the future. As such, we at Avensia feel that Stenströms is well equipped to handle any future challenges,” shares Martin Zellman, Key Account Manager at Avensia.