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Skincity live with new modern commerce solution

Skincity's customers will experience faster loadtimes, an improved user interface and more relevant skincare recommendations. Skincity's investment in a solid digital foundation is an important part of their strategic plan for the future.

September 08, 2020, 10:00 CEST

Skincity live with new modern commerce solution

Avensia and Skincity, Sweden's leading digital skincare clinic, today went live with a brand new e-commerce, The new digital infrastructure puts the customers in focus: it includes a new commerce platform and new solutions for CRM and personalized recommendations.

Customer communication is crucial for Skincity. They offer much more than skincare products - they are a digital skincare clinic. Skincity customers can chat with a skincare therapist or make a skin test. Based on the test results Skincity's experts recommend products as solutions to skin problems.

- We contacted Avensia because we needed a new digital platform that was equipped to handle our long-term strategic plan. We appreciated that Avensia could help us with both strategy and tecnology, and took a holistic view of our business, says Elina Dettner, CTO, Skincity.

Johan Sommar, senior commerce advisor at Avensia, was involved in the initial, strategic part of the project:

- Skincity needed a solution that could scale their business and evolve at the same pace as the company, without limitations. Skincity are so professional and now they have a solution that matches their ambitions.

The new digital commerce infrastructure makes administration easier for Skincity's experts, an improvement that will enable them to help their customers even more, give them better recommendations and experiences and a closer relationship with Skincity.

- The project has worked very well and we are very pleased with Avensia and their experts, who have proved to be very receptive, driving and knowledgeable in both techology and modern commerce. Our teams have cooperated very well despite the current situation, and the results are far better than expected. We are really looking forward this journey we are now starting together, said Stefan Fragner, Skincity's CEO,

The new modern commerce solution is built on Episerver's platform with Avensia's framework Storefront Nitro on top. The innovative architecture of Storefront Nitro gives the e-commerce better performance, easier navigation and an app-like experience when shopping on the mobile phone.

In parallell with the e-commerce project, Skincity has implemented a CRM from Voyado, focused on customer loyalty, and Apptus eSales as relevance and personalization engine.

- Skincity has had a clear goal set out from the start and that is an important factor for an efficient partnership, and for success. To combine Skincity's brilliant knowledge and experience within their area, and Avensia's competence within modern commerce has proved to be very successful. I am very keen to see how the new solution is received, said Niklas Johnsson, CEO, Avensia

For more information, please contact

Niklas Johnsson
CEO, Avensia

Johan Sommar
Senior Commerce Advisor, Avensia

Fredrik André
CMO, Avensia

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