The Consumers Demands on Retailers

The Swedish retail sector has long talked about omni-channel and how important it is. That’s why last spring Avensia conducted a survey that measured the readiness of 38 Swedish retailers for omni-channel. Based on the responses to the survey, Avensia has now changed the perspective and asked the consumers which criteria are the most important to meet. The results of this study clearly demonstrate what consumers expect of the retailers.

According to the open statistics E-commerce continues to grow. Some industries are growing more than others and the winners are consumers, who seize power when retailers are becoming more available. Companies must work harder and implement more complex processes to meet increasing consumer demands, and those who succeed become future winners.

Avensia’s previous omni-channel survey conducted in spring of 2014 focused on how far 38 of the largest retail companies in Sweden got. Their efforts were assessed based on 23 criteria for omni-channel commerce. In this report, the e-commerce expert company has changed the perspective and asked consumers what they think of the ten most common criteria within omni-channel commerce.

"If we compare both surveys, we can see the clear tendency that the retailers are far from living up to the consumers’ expectations. Today consumers have no problems with buying from foreign companies if a Swedish supplier cannot deliver the right price, availability or service. Swedish retailers must increase their efforts in order to meet the consumers, otherwise they are going to lose much of their competitiveness", explains Jörgen Bertilsson, VP Global Sales at Avensia.

Fundamental functions that many retailers have, such as ensuring physical stores' stock levels online, is only important to 57 percent. On the other hand 76 percent of the consumers believe that it is important to be able to shop on their club- or bonus points both online and offline. It's an opportunity that only few retailers can live up to today. Likewise over half of the consumers consider that it is important to be able to read product reviews directly in the store, which only few companies have managed to solve.

"We have received clear answers on which demands the consumers set on the companies they buy from, says Jörgen. Now it's up to the companies to deliver on expectations."

About the survey

The survey was conducted online via Cint in October 2014. 500 Swedes were asked in a representative average in Sweden when it comes to age, gender and geographical location.

The questions concerned among other things:

• Stock status

• Traffic between the channels

• Relevance

• Check out

The report "Omni-channel Consumer 2014" can be accessed by requesting Jörgen Bertilsson (contact details below).

About Avensia

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