Relationship Commerce – Avensia Recruits One of Scandinavia’s Biggest Experts

Commerce is becoming more and more relationship oriented and customer loyalty is one of the hottest topics within retail. That is why Avensia makes a strategic standpoint by hiring Jens Axelsson, who has worked with high-level CRM, organization, digital marketing and e-commerce for many years.

With positions such as Head of Marketing & Omnichannel at MQ, Head of CRM & Online at KappAhl and Customer Strategy & CRM Manager at Stena Line, Jens has gathered experience that will help Avensia’s customers develop the relationships to their customers.

“I’m convinced that the future of commerce must be built around a genuine customer-centric mindset. That comprises of constantly listening to the market and keeping an agile approach to development and customer offerings, built on customer insights and analysis. I think that the experience that I’ve gathered in my career will be of great use to Avensia’s customers”, says Jens Axelsson, Strategic Advisor at Avensia.

Jens will become a part of Avensia’s advisory-team. They work strategically with helping their customers excel in several different expert areas such as; e-commerce, omnichannel, PIM and now CRM. Working with a great team and having the possibility to share his knowledge is one of the main reasons why Jens decided to board the Avensia-train.

The advisory-team consists of Alexander van Riesen, Johan Sommar (ex Hallgårde), Alexandra Dornérus, Marcus Hillum and now Jens Axelsson. Avensia constantly looks to extend its strategical competence within related business functions and the team is expected to keep growing. The breadth of skills combined with high delivery capacity is what makes Avensia stand out from the typical e-commerce suppliers.

“I’ve bought a lot of consultancy services in my career. There are many consultants that are good at defining why and what needs to change. But there are very few that can define what it takes- and help to make the change. Since Avensia works as a complete partner we have the possibility to lead our customers through the whole process from strategy to development. I think that is what makes Avensia so successfull”, says Jens.

The competition about customers attention is hard and consumers’ demands are growing. The globalization makes the world shrink which makes previous advantages such as range and availability less of an USP.  The ability to build trust and comfort for the customer is what will define the success of many companies in the near future.

“We see a great need to help our customers become better at relationship commerce, says Kristian Hagset, VP Business Development at Avensia. And what better way is there than to hire one of the most experienced professionals in the business? Jens will become a key figure in this and I’m convinced that he will help our customers become even better at nurturing customer relationships.”