Sweden is best in Scandinavia at omni-channel

New consumer behavior puts new demands on retailers. It is those that adapts best to the new behaviors that will succeed in the new competitive landscape. It is about "survival of the fittest" and those who live in yesterday's business models will become extinct. Although there are several countries that has come further, Sweden has been the most successful nation in Scandinavia to adapt and meet the customers in a seamless way through their sales channels. It shown by a recent study from Avensia in collaboration with YouGov.

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In recent years, consumer behavior has changed radically. Although most purchases are made in physical stores, we see an increasing trend of purchases beginning online. Consumers have become channel-agnostic, which means, for them it doesn’t matter which channel they shop. Based on a study Avensia carried out in Sweden last year, they have now completed a Scandinavian study, which surveyed 30 of the largest retailers omni-channel ventures in each country.
All in all omni-channel is about binding together the company's sales and communication channels to create a better and easier experience for customers. Avensia has created an index that makes it possible to measure the most fundamental steps in an omni-channel solution and thus rank the companies that have made the most progress in their omni-channel ventures.
The companies surveyed are then compared against each other, both individually, nationally and by industry. From the analysis it has been drawn conclusions about which companies and industries that are the best, and worst, and what needs to be improved in the future.
Best in Sweden and throughout Scandinavia is Swedish and Danish Intersport and Swedish SIBA. They are the only companies which according Avensias Index can be classified as omni-channel ready.
1. Intersportloppet & SIBA
2. Lindex & Clas Ohlsson
3. Hemtex & Panduro & IKEA

Some of the surveyed companies have been proven very successful in creating omni-channel strategies. Still many companies are stuck in old business models and will soon be overrun by pure players and other more agile companies. Working with incremental change is not enough, consumer behavior changes dramatically and so must the retailers. The landscape development is now moving in a faster pace than the companies are able to adapt to. This leads to a shift of power in the market” - Jörgen Bertilsson, VP Global Sales at Avensia.

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