Avensia renews the management team - new structure and new members

Avensia develops and strengthens its management structure in order to reinforce the position as industry-leading experts within digital commerce and to reflect the change into a much bigger company than before. This year, Avensia has grown substantially, during the first six months growth was 49% and 50 new employees were hired. There are clear ambitions to continue this rapid development of the company.   

Niklas Johnsson, CEO, comments on the change:

We are now entering a new phase in Avensia’s development and we are building a management structure that is preparing us for the future, both strategically and operational. I am happy to have strengthened the team with brilliant people, all with different competencies and experience from different aspects of digital commerce. Together we will push Avensia forward and to the next level, focusing on growth and profitability. Me and my fellow members of the new management team are looking forward to further develop Avensia and reinforce our position on the fast-growing global market for digital commerce.

The operational management group, leading the daily work at Avensia, will consist of the following, effective Thursday August 30, 2018:

Niklas Johnsson, CEO, with overall responsibility for the company’s development and results

Kristian Hagset, VP Business Development, responsible for Avensia’s business development and strategic advisory

Mia Moström, VP Development, responsible for Avensia’s consultants and developers

Thomas Bergström, VP Global Delivery, responsible for Avensia’s project deliveries

Cecilia Granath, Marketing Director, responsible for Avensia’s marketing

Patrik Sundqvist, Sales Director, responsible for Avensia’s sales

Anders Ekdahl, CTO, responsible for Avensia’s development of technology

Niclas Forsvall, Director of Product Development, responsible for Avensia’s product development

Sofia Hjorth, Business Manager, responsible for Avensia’s operational development


The strategic management team, leading the long-term development of Avensia, will consist of the following, effective Thursday August 30, 2018:

Niklas Johnsson, Kristian Hagset, Thomas Bergström, Mia Moström and

Jörgen Bertilsson, Vice president and Executive VP Global Business Development, responsible for Avensia’s strategic development

Johan Liljeros, VP Product Development & General Manager Avensia Inc, responsible for Avensia’s product strategy and Avensia’s operations in the US

As the new management structure becomes effective, Andreas Ericsson, earlier VP of International Development, will leave Avensia. Sofia Hjort will start her employment with Avensia on September 3, as she is leaving InRiver.

For further information, please contact

Niklas Johnsson, CEO: niklas.johnsson@avensia.com Phone: 073-550 5003

Cecilia Granath, Marketing Director: cecilia.granath@avensia.com Telefon: 0762-551116