Norwegian COOP introduce state of the art e-commerce

One of Scandinavia’s largest retailers is launching e-commerce. It is an impressive omni-channel project that is going to integrate the company's physical shops. First out of the COOP chains are COOP Obs Bygg and COOP Hypermarked.

At the beginning of August 2014 an e-commerce project was started that would take Norwegian COOP to a whole new level. Today is the first launch in the country and now COOP can reap the fruit of its very successful work.

"It is an exciting project. This is the first launch, with more of our chains are next in line, but we are already very proud of the result”, says Magne Solberg, CIO of COOP.

Behind the work is the Nordic e-commerce expert company Avensia. The company, which built much praised e-commerce solutions for Byggmax, Kjell & Company and Intersport amongst others, has created a complete omni-channel solution for COOP. E-commerce is integrated with the shops and also binds together COOP’s different shop chains with each other.

"Avensia have had their ability and skill tested throughout the project, and we are deeply impressed”, says Magne. “It has been a great comfort to us to have a provider that has such extensive experience in e-commerce. "

The project has involved everything from a new design of the website to integration with physical shops and their business. Several omni-channel features have been integrated such as that all the chains within Coop are able to keep different prices. Based on where you live in Norway the homepage will direct you to the right shop by you entering your address. On the site you can also shop from several of Coop's different chains at the same time in a single purchase.