Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) opens e-commerce in collaboration with Avensia

Nordiska Kompaniet (NK), opens their e-commerce today. The project is a close collaboration between NK, Avensia, leading global expert in modern commerce solutions, and the NK retailers. NK takes a giant leap in their digital development as they expand their reach with a modern commerce solution that combines their strong brand with amazing performance, scalability and customer experience. NK continues to support the business model they have offered for decades, several separate retailers, under the same roof, acting under NKs brand.   

NK, who has been the leading premium retailer in Sweden for over 100 years, are now opening a digital arena for commerce with the aim of giving their customers extraordinary experiences online. The project is a close cooperation between Avensia, NK and their retailers. Avensia’s commerce advisors have been part of the project from the start, when the strategy was set, and Avensia has implemented the entire technical infrastructure.   

The e-commerce offer will grow gradually; new departments will be opened in due course. The long-term goal is to have all NK departments represented in the e-commerce. This gradual launch will continue during 2021. 

”We have worked very closely together with Avensia throughout the entire project. From the planning phase, when we were trying to find out what an NK e-commerce should look like, to go-live today.  Our business model is unique which creates both opportunities and challenges, in terms of business and technology. Avensia have been the main partner in this important development project and we are grateful for our close and fruitful collaboration” , said Henrik Andreasson, CEO, NK.

The aim of launching the new digital platform is to offer customers first class experiences online and to support NK’s business model that involves a vast number of different retailers. This model adds an extra layer of complexity to the technical solution and all its components, including the e-commerce platform, the ERP and the solutions for customer loyalty and product information.  

“We are very proud that such a prominent retail company as NK has put their trust in us to help them take this important step into the future. NK’s brand is present throughout the entire solution. It combines the power of NK’s leading position in retail with the brands of the different retailers under their roof, and everything is based on a modern commerce platform from Avensia. I am very impressed by NK’s genuine knowledge of retail and their will to renew themselves. Avensia is really looking forward to being a part of NK’s continued digital journey “, said Niklas Johnsson, CEO, Avensia.