Niklas Johnsson new CEO for Avensia AB

The Board of Directors of Avensia AB have appointed Niklas Johnsson as new CEO for the company. Niklas starts his new position on April 2, and replaces Robin Gustafsson, who after seven successful years, have asked to leave his position.

Robin, who is one of the founders of Avensia. has been the CEO of the company since 2011. When the board gathers for the 2018 yearly meeting the committee will nominate Robin as a new member of the board.

- I have had the privilege to be part of an amazing journey with Avensia, and I have seen our sales grow 30% yearly. The investments we have made recently have started to pay back, and in October we had a growth of 58%, with profitability that is close to last year’s margins. To me, personally, it is time for a new challenge and I know that Niklas will be an injection of experience and energy to Avensia. I really want to want to thank the board and my colleagues for the wholehearted confidence they have had in me during all these years, says Robin Gustafsson.

- I am both happy and proud to be able to present Niklas Johnsson as new CEO , says Chairman of the Board, Per Wargéus. He is a competent leader and knows the company well. On top of that, he will bring knowledge and experience from bigger companies and about international business. I am convinced that he will continue to develop what Robin and his team has built and continue to lead Avensia to more success and continued growth.

Niklas Johansson
Niklas Johnsson started his position as new CEO for Avensia on April 2, 2018

Niklas Johnsson has long and extensive experience from the IT industry. His latest assignment was as Services Director at Microsoft and before that he was the CEO and founder of UClarity AB. Since 1988, Niklas has had different leading roles, both internationally and in Sweden, in companies like Compaq, HP and Avanade. Niklas has been a member of the board of Avensia since 2013 and has been deeply engaged in the strategic development of Avensia. Niklas is 53 years old and has an engineering degree from the Royal Technical College (KTH) in Stockholm.

- As CEO I will focus on continuing the successful development of Avensia, to become an even better partner and advisor to our customers and to help them become successful in their e-commerce and omni-channel efforts.  The global e-commerce is expected to grow more than 100% the coming 5 years and Avensia, with its experience, structural capital and unique competence within the industry, is well positioned for continued growth. It will be very exciting to continue this journey, after Robin’s successful years as CEO, says Niklas Johnsson.

Robin Gustafsson will leave his role as CEO as Niklas Johnsson starts.

Niklas has also acquired 2 000 000 call options at a market price, from the three biggest Avensia owners. Avensia is required to make this information public, according to new European Union directives. The information was made public on December, 08:45 AM CET.