Success company InXL changes name to Avensia

Avensia is since 2007 ett subsidiary to the First North listed company InXL Innovation AB. Since March this year Avensia is the majority part och InXL, and yesterday InXL made the decision to change the company name to Avensia and to appoint a corporate CEO for booth of the companies.

“With the name change and the change of CEO we will now speak directly to our 2000 owners and gain access to the stock market in a totally different way. For a company that sells qualified services and products to large Nordic enterprises this is a testament of quality” says Robin Gustafsson, CEO at Avensia ans InXL.###/blockquoteblockquote###“We see a great demand on the market for fast growing companies in the field e-commerce. Avensia is a leading supplier of expertise and products with a strong history and customer base. We should be able to use this for further growth and to be able to offer the stock market an interesting alternative”, says Robin Gustafsson.