Name change - InXL is now Avensia

What was formerly a concern with four companies has now become one. It began with Mashie and Grade being sold off earlier in the spring so InXL could focus their entire business around e-commerce. Now the process is being completed as InXL changes its name to Avensia.

The InXL concern had previously consisted of three segments: Avensia, Mashie and Grade. Avensia, an expert company in e-commerce, grew faster than its two sister companies, and was accounting for an ever increasing majority of InXL’s business.
Earlier this spring a decision was made to sell Mashie and Grade in order for InXL to focus solely on e-commerce. Avensia has an established brand in the e-commerce industry and it is therefore an obvious step that InXL changes name to Avensia.

"The market for e-commerce continues to experience strong growth and will do so for years to come. Avensia has grown faster than the market, which indicates that we have a strong position. One of our key strategic initiatives is the increased investment in product development, something we believe in very much "- opined Robin Gustafsson, CEO of Avensia.

With the name change Robin Gustafsson is also now the new CEO. Robin was previously a CEO and co-founder of Avensia.

"Now Avensia can speak directly to all of our 2000 owners and get access to the stock market in an entirely different way, explains Robin. Avensia is a leading provider of expertise and products with a strong track record and customer base. We should both benefit from a place in the stock market for our growth as well as provide the stock market with an attractive investment alternative."

Avensia has for the past two years experienced an annual growth of 57 percent with high profitability. The company has a strong customer base with well-known brands such as Kjell & Company, Byggmax, Intersport, COOP and Ahlsell.