INTERSPORT is investing in leading cross-channel e-commerce from Avensia AB

Sweden's largest sports retail store chain INTERSPORT are investing in e-commerce and has chosen Avensia as their partner for implementation of their e-commerce solution. During 2011 INTERSPORT has, together with consultancy Unitail, developed the strategy and guidelines for the investment involving trade for consumers, associations and elite clubs. Intersport's new website and e-commerce is based on clarity and knowledge about their products and is a multi-channel solution where the website is a supplement to the chain's more than 150 stores. "Swedes are more active than ever. They have never before been as health conscious as they are now", says Fredrik Johansson, CEO INTERSPORT. "Our vision is for Swedes to be the most active people in the world. With our new e-commerce more people will have more opportunity to trade sports products and functional clothes and to get tips and inspiration for exercise and activity." Avensia, which has produced multiple award-winning e-commerce solutions to e.g. Kjell & Company,, Katshing and Design Online, will deliver the new solution to INTERSPORT during early autumn. The platform Avensia implements is Episerver Commerce, supplemented with PIM systems from InRiver and the search and relevance engine eSales from Apptus. Avensia delivers an ultra-modern multi-channel solution that INTERSPORT can build upon for a long time to come. "We see the project as very exciting and of course have high ambitions. It is very inspiring to work with INTERSPORT, we see excellent opportunities to create a new award-winning e-commerce solution that will considerably will enhance the INTERSPORT experience both online and in stores", says Jörgen Bertilsson, Executive Vice President Avensia. Important parameters for the selection of Avensia was their knowledge of multi-channel commerce on which Avensia has based many projects. "From the process and feasibility study we have great confidence in Avensia's knowledge and we look forward to a close, long-term partnership. Together with other involved parties we aim to deliver a market leading solution for INTERSPORT", says project manager Anki Kalmlund, Unitail.

For more information, contact:

Jörgen Bertilsson, Executive Vice President Avensia, +46 709-68 10 00 or Claudia Nilsson, PR and Communications Manager INTERSPORT, +46 31-727 89 87 or Per Wargéus, President Avensia Innovation AB, +46 707-318908 or

Avensia Innovation AB is the parent of an IT group of four subsidiaries. Avensia AB are experts at converting visitors to buyers with a design that guides users from start to finish in custom e-commerce solutions. Grade AB offers complete e-Learning Solutions in the form of training, authoring tools, survey tools and a variety of consulting services, such as development of customized e-Learning courses. Mashie AB offers a time-saving management system for all dietary planning in the restaurant and food service. Force12 is the latest company established and offer expert consulting in systems development. The Group employs approximately 70 people in Lund, Helsingborg and Stockholm. Avensia Innovation AB is listed on First North under the name of AVEN. Read more at INTERSPORT was formed in 1961 and is the largest sports retail chain in Sweden with more than 150 stores. 2010 turnover of the Swedish INTERSPORT stores was 4.3 billion SEK. INTERSPORT AB is part of IIC-INTERSPORT International Corporation which is the world's largest sports retail chain with more than 5300 stores in 40 countries. INTERSPORT is found except in Europe, including Russia, also in Canada and the United Arab Emirates. In 2010 INTERSPORT had sales of approximately EUR 10 billion globally.