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How is Avensia handling the Covid-19 situation?

In light of the extraordinary activities that we see around us as consequences of the Covid-19 outbreak, we would like to inform you about the precautions Avensia is taking to help stop further transmission of the virus, and how we are handling the situation to maintain our ability to serve our customers.

March 16, 2020

People and offices

Avensia follows the guidelines from local authorities in the different locations that we operate in around the globe. Our staff can work from home and business travel is kept to an absolute minimum. All members of staff are urged to act with responsibility and care in order to minimize transmission of the virus.

Business as usual

Avensia is in good shape and can continue to serve our customers with full focus and dedication. We are used to work in a distributed manner and we are convinced that we can deliver also under the present circumstances. We have great digital tools at our disposal in order to run and operate our business. Our commerce advisors have run several remote workshops the last few months with customers in other countries, and will be able to use that know-how and technology to continue to deliver value to our customers.

So in relation to our customers, it's 100% business as usual. Many of them need us more than ever in times like these when it becomes evident that many business models need adjusting to a changing and volatile world.

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