Finding Top Tech Talent

Tech recruiting could be a mess for many companies today, hyped start ups and global department store giants alike. All have to tackle the reality of an increasingly tight talent pool – but how? In this edition of Avensia Inspires we share some advice on what to consider and what to drop when trying to attract top tech talent.

Slowly but surely, more companies are starting to realize that tried methods for recruiting tech talent no longer hold true. High salaries alone don’t work anymore. Considering the overwhelming demand for talent, a company looking to hire the traditional way risks getting lost in the noise of job offers.

Here are some key points to consider in the hunt for tech talent.

1. Be proactive and make sure to participate in the everyday chats

First off: don’t start the hiring process when you need to hire. Hiring and recruiting is a daily activity, year in and year out. Today, it is really just as important for a company to market itself towards potential talent as it is to market towards customers and clients.

Generate buzz continuously, tell your colleagues to share their experience from your workplace and what you do through social media to make sure that your company is top of mind, not only among your clients but also among people you want to hire. It’s much easier to reach out to someone who already knows who you are and what you’re doing.

Finding a routine for this will ultimately make it much easier to attract the stars of the talent pool.

2. Meet the talents on their own turf and speak to them in their language.

Having the right people on the recruiting side is crucial to your company’s growth and culture. These people need to be able to meet potential talents on their own turf – be it in the digital sphere or even at code meet-ups.

A lot of companies are not attuned to these things and as a result, they may just be speaking to developers in the wrong language. Developers are simply not recruited in a traditional manner. Anyone familiar with the market will know that most developers have a case of selective perception. You can’t stand out to them by just being a regular company looking to hire.

Get rid of the notion that this is just about hiring manpower. Recruitment is about having more great talent join the team to build upon your offer – talk to them as such.

3. Experience isn’t everything. Passion is.

It is no secret that developers aspire to, well, develop. Talent and the right mind-set is of greater importance than experience. A positive attitude goes a long way and is possibly even more imperative in a field like technology, which requires continuous training to keep up with rapid development.

Many companies make the mistake of looking at someone’s experience in this or that, singling it out as the most important factor. All this experience and lack thereof is insignificant compared to whether the person is excited about their work or not.

Look for talent and passion when recruiting and put efforts into nurturing potential. Most people we recruit have spent a great deal of their spare time coding. For them, it’s more of a hobby or passion turned career.

4. Build a home.

Making tech professionals feel at home in their work environment is pretty much how you keep them on board. Ask the same questions to a potential new co-worker as you do to a potential new client: what can your company do for them? What can you offer that your competitors can’t?

It’s very much about relations and bringing people together under the same philosophy of energy, synergy and trustworthiness. Make sure that after work drinks, partner meet ups, company breakfasts and conference trips are part of your regular routines.