Episerver Ascend Nordic 2016

For the first time Episerver Ascend will become a Nordic event. Avensia will be sponsoring the event, presenting our newly launched site for Lyko. 

Lyko is pushing the boundaries of Episerver 9, creating one of the fastest e-commerce sites on the planet. It is possible to browse a lot of the content of Lyko’s site while offline, just like Facebook. This way the company’s young audience can browse their site even when they have bad reception on their phones.

Rickard Lyko, CEO, will also talk about their mission to connect all beauty in the world. Together with Walmart, Lyko drives Episerver’s social platform development in order to create a new paradigm for the beauty industry.

Last but not least you get to learn more about Rickards Lyko’s intriguing story. A man who sold everything he had and bet it all on his family business.

Speakers: Rickard Lyko, CEO.