Avensia’s new CTO on customer centricity, knowledge-sharing and glue

Anders Ekdahl is Avensia’s newly appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With Anders onboard, the management team has been reinforced with an even deeper technical understanding than before. Sharing his and his colleagues' knowledge is one of Anders’ key missions in his new role.   

In order to reinforce Avensia’s position as industry-leading experts within digital commerce, and to reflect the change into a much bigger company than before, Avensia has renewed and restructured its management team, and assigned a CTO for the company.

Anders Ekdahl - Avensia's CTO

Anders is the architect behind Scope , Avensia’s framework that is used for sites like Lyko, NA-KD and Stenströms, to give them revolutionary speed and stability, even when the network is poor. He  is also the man who every second week stands in front of all Avensia employees with the mission to share his and his colleagues’ expertise.

Knowledge sharing is key to our continued success, says Anders. We are close to 200 Avensians now, and by giving everyone access to tech insights in digital commerce, comparisons of tools & platforms, innovations and market analyses, we can continue to be frontrunners.

New technology as key differentiator for our customers

Customer centricity is equally important for Anders in his new role as CTO, but it has always been the driving force in his development work. Lyko’s and NA-KD’s  primary target group, young women who make most of their purchases with their phones, wanted speed and stability, not only at home, but also when commuting, or when the network is unstable. That demand from the end consumers, was the starting point for the development of the Scope framework and it proved absolutely crucial for the NA-KD and Lyko sites to make them unique, in terms of user experience.  

This is the way we have to think when we are creating new solutions for our customers, says Anders. What are their challenges, and how can new technology help them stand out compared to competitors?

Avensia – quality glue makers  

Another way of helping customers is to create “glue” , as Anders calls it - to take on the task of connecting systems that did not talk to each other before :

One of the strengths of Avensia’s development organization has always been to take on several different best of breed systems and let our skilled developers glue them together.

This is completely in line with the way Avensia is working with commerce, from a strategic and technical point of view: With the aim of achieving what the industry refers to as Unified Commerce, where systems and organizations are set up to create a seamless and streamlined customer experience that is coherent across all channels.

From developer to CTO in three years

Anders started his career at Avensia in 2015, as a system developer:

The way of working at Avensia is very pragmatic - when an architect was needed I worked as an architect, otherwise I was coding and was happy with that.

This is an approach that he kept when he was appointed Chief Architect in January 2018. Half of his time he was working on creating Intellectual Property (IP) and facilitating knowledge sharing, and half of the time in projects. Working operational  as well as strategic gives him the ability to create synergies between projects .

Another project  that we are working on right now, is in technical terms very similar to NA-KD, so when it started, I could with my hands-on experience from the NA-KD project, guide the development team by giving them a path to follow, and a lot of IP to re-use.      

As CTO, he will continue to spend a significant part  of his time in projects. 

The mix of working strategically and operational  suits me well, says Anders. I like being a libero player, to work hands-on where I am needed. 

Niklas Johnsson,  CEO, comments on the appointment of Anders as CTO and as an addition to the management team:

Anders’s technical depth and breadth in the digital commerce space is truly unique. In addition to this, his combination of strategic thinking, customer passion, creativity, can-do mentality and obsession to enable his co-workers to learn and develop through IP creation and knowledge sharing, makes him a great role model for the whole organization and a brilliant addition to the management team. I’m looking forward to work with Anders and the rest of the management team to lead Avensia into the future.

Read more about the projects that Anders have worked on, and how the Scope framework made a difference for projects like NA-KD, Lyko and Stenströms on our case site.