Continued progress on the e-commerce market Avensia!

Avensia which began the year with record figures continue to grow at tremendous pace in Q2. The new large customer projects in the B2B segment, as well as high demand for management of existing customers, growth has increased by 47 percent compared with the second quarter last year.

Halfway through the calendar year, we note that Avensia is on track to make its best year ever. That 2014 would be good for the company was not surprising, but the numbers would be so prominent are the least noteworthy. The recipe has been hard at work, the right strategic decisions, and careful recruitment of staff.

"The scope of the projects we take on has increased significantly in recent years. It has put great demands on our business, which we managed to cope in an excellent way. To grow at the rate we are doing is amazing but also brings great challenges. Therefore, it is now more important that we put in another gear in order to continue our success, "explains Robin Gustafsson, CEO of Avensia.

Three questions to Robin Gustafsson, CEO of Avensia

1. What is it that makes Avensia so successful?

As a service, it is as always the skills of the staff are fundamental to business success. We have some of Sweden's best developer in Avensia, which we have evidence time after time. The other key factor is our partners. By working hard to look for the main products in the market, we can be sure to always offer customers the best and most modern solutions.

2. What challenges have Avensia faced in 2014?

We are growing fast. Customers are virtually knocking on our door and it is up to us to do what we can to meet their needs. At the same time, we have chosen to establish ourselves in new markets where we opened offices in both Denmark and Norway. It is a major but exciting challenge to find the right staff as well as to do business across borders.

3. What future for Avensia the coming years?

Hopefully we can continue to grow, but it is important not to go forward quickly. Although our ambitions are great, we always put our customers and their needs first. As the market looks now, we will have many successful years ahead which paves the way for further expansion into Europe.