Avensia grows relentlessly

From a small IT consultancy company in Lund to becoming an international force to be reckoned with in the e-commerce industry. Avensia is growing fast, (31,4 percent this year so far). New customers in new industries, in new countries, have required Avensia to employ additionally 38 people under 2017 so far. But it does not end there.

Just arriving back at the office from Avensia’s annual KICKOFF conference (this year in Riga), the ambition of the company has never been clearer. By launching the concept of Avensia X, the company now aims to reach exponential growth while utilizing the growth to increase innovation rate and quality of deliveries.

 “We are in the e-commerce industry but I would rather see us as an innovation company. Our customers come to us because they want to do something different than everybody else. They want to be better than everybody else. We will use our technological advantage to find better new solutions for our customers”, Robin Gustafsson, CEO at Avensia

 Avensia is developing new ideas all the time to drive innovation. But the best ideas are yet to be developed. What the company does to facilitate that is to employ the best brains in the industry and giving them the budget, help and encouragement to explore their ideas. What is new with the Avensia X concept is the processes to package the innovations and reuse it. It means that the company can broaden and attract more customers, sell new types of solutions and enter new markets.

 Soon heading into the last quarter of the year Avensia is breaking all the previous records, growing twice as much as the e-commerce industry in general.