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Avensia announces acting CEO

Avensia, the global driver of modern commerce, today announced that Robin Gustafsson has been appointed acting CEO, effective today. Robin succeeds Niklas Johnsson..

March 4, 2021


“Niklas has been instrumental in establishing Avensia’s strong position as an expert company within the field of modern commerce. To support the company’s next growth phase we see the need of a different skillset, which is why we today announce Robin as acting CEO. Going forward Avensia will focus more on people and operational excellence, and making sure that we really capitalize on our strong position, offering and expertise – both from a company perspective and from our customers’ point of view. Robin is a modern innovative leader with a proven track record of success, and I am grateful that he has accepted this position. He knows the company very well from his previous career as CEO for the company from 2011 to 2018, and his years as part of the Avensia Board of Directors“, said Per Wargéus, Chairman of the Avensia Board of Directors.

Read the full press release here (in Swedish)

For more information, please contact

Per Wargéus
Chairman of the Avensia Board of Directors

Phone: 0707-31 89 08 

Robin Gustafsson
acting CEO

Phone: 0736 - 60 60 82

fredrik-cmoFredrik André
CMO, Avensia



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