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Avensia and Mirakl join forces

The partnership means that Avensia’s customers will be able to use Mirakl’s leading technology to create their own online marketplace and become the center of an entire ecosystem within their industry.

December 17, 2019

Avensia and Mirakl join forces

Avensia and French company Mirakl have signed a partnership agreement. Avensia can now add implementation of Mirakl’s marketplace technology to their offer. It will soon be a very natural step for companies to establish a marketplace of their own as a complement to their existing e-commerce, if they want to keep owning their customer relationships and not be governed by other players in the supply chain.

Mirakl delivers a market leading cloud solution for online marketplaces, enabling any retailer, distributor or brand to accelerate digital commerce by offering more products and services from third parties with their own online marketplace. A marketplace also allows for a commission-based income model, with less risk and less need to bind capital.

- Mirakl is a global leader within technology for online marketplaces and a driving force in the disruption of digital commerce that we are starting to experience on the market right now. The partnership with Mirakl allows Avensia to stay in the forefront of the development of modern commerce and gives us the power to help B2B and B2C companies to update their business models, said Niklas Johnsson, CEO at Avensia.

The business model used in online marketplaces is called platform commerce, and is central to giants such as Amazon, Apple, Uber and Airbnb. These companies connect buyers and sellers at a global scale and are growing at an impressing pace. The principal revenue model for a Marketplace is based on sales commission. When the sale takes place on the marketplace operator’s showcase, the operator takes a percentage commission on the transaction.

- Avensia is a knowledgeable and experienced leader in the modern world of commerce. They understand how to help customers become a competitive force in their industry, and we are confident that customers will benefit from their expertise when establishing a Mirakl-powered marketplace model,  said Philippe Corrot, CEO at Mirakl.

Another upside with the platform model is that, even if the operator of a marketplace sells a product that is not its own, invaluable data about customer behavior still flows through the operator. Armed with that data, the operator can find ways to improve the customer experience, and start offering more products, solutions, and services based on customer demand.

- Digital commerce is per definition very dynamic, and so is buying behavior. Traditional e-commerce is in some cases to narrow to satisfy modern customers and to be efficient in the long run. The platform model makes it easier for buyers to interact with retailers and retailers get more data and the means to act on it, which is why I think that marketplaces will be the new e-commerce, said Tobias Bergström, Director Commerce Strategy, Avensia.

- To create an online marketplace is crucial for companies who have the means and the ambition to take a firmer grip of the market in their industry. Your place as a market leader and top of mind for the customer can quickly be lost if you cannot deliver what customers are expecting. Also, marketplaces are not only an instrument to widen your offer, they are also a means of becoming more efficient in your communication and increase your relevance for the customer, and relevance is key to stay in the game in the long run” said Johan Sommar, Senior Commerce Advisor, Avensia.

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Senior Commerce Advisor, Avensia

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Director Commerce Strategy, Avensia


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