Avensia builds new B2B solution for Ahlsell

Avensia, Scandinavia's leading e-commerce provider, creates modern e-commerce for Ahlsell. It is a new revolutionary omni-channel solution that will be built on the platform Episerver Commerce, as well as search- and relevance engine eSales. The project is expected to be one of the greatest e-commerce solutions within corporate sales in Sweden.

Ahlsell offers a range of products within ventilation and sanitation, electricity, tools & machinery, refrigeration and DIY (do it yourself) for professional users. The company has existed since 1909 and is the leader on the Swedish market. Their latest challenge is to create a complete omni-channel solution that will provide Ahlsell’s customers an enjoyable and inspiring shopping experience.

"Our e-commerce will provide a customer experience similar to one that leading B2C websites offer. It is important for us to market our products with enriched information, where each product tells its own story through text, images and video. We simply want to make it easier to be a professional", says Mårten Forssell, Head of E-Business at Ahlsell.

After evaluating several alternatives Episerver Commerce was chosen as the platform for the new omni-channel solution. Great emphasis will be placed on the platform to be personalized and categorized with the help of search, navigation and filtering functions among the company's more than 100.000 articles.

"After we have looked at the platforms that the market offers the choice fell on Episerver Commerce that provides support for the complex requirements we have in our business. Other important parameters, which made the choice obvious to us, were that the interface for administration felt like the most user friendly and modern, as well as the access to expert consultants on the platform", tells Mårten.

Avensia was tasked to implement the platform, which they complemented with search- and relevance engine eSales from Apptus. The reasoning was that Avensia has extensive experience and a lot of strong references from previous Episerver Commerce projects. They have also recently launched several other successful B2B solutions such as procurator.se, ocay.se, and bona.com.

"Avensia has demonstrated great competence within e-commerce and understanding of our specific needs. We have seen several of their previous solutions and believe in their ability to meet our goals. It's great that we get the opportunity to work with competent people and we are experiencing a very beneficial exchange of knowledge with Avensia", tells Mårten.

The new project is a motivating task for Avensia. Ahlsell is a company that not only wants a good e-commerce, but to be the best in the industry. The goal is that the solution should be one of the top in Sweden. In order to optimise the work the platform will be implemented together with the Best Practice solution Avensia EPICS.

"Ahlsell is an exciting project and a perfect challenge for us, as they have high goals and requirements for their e-commerce. They have seen the potential in creating a complete omni-channel solution, which will give them a major competitive advantage", says Jörgen Bertilsson, Vice President at Avensia.