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12 years of strategic retail learnings

Modern Commerce Academy

Does your retail business think like a modern, 21st century retailer? Modern Commerce is a strategic way of thinking that is not restricted by specific technologies. In this course, you'll learn everything a successfull, futureproof, 21st century retail business needs to consider, in just 3 weeks, taught by retail expert Cate Trotter.


3 weeks total - 2 weeks of lessons, 2 x live networking sessions, 1 week final project

Online course with module drops every 3-4 days

Next start date

Tuesday 3rd May

Certified and credentialed

Everyone who submits a final project by the deadline will receive an official digital credential as well a physical certificate.

Learn the key strategies applied by the world's leading retailers

Modern Commerce is a new view of retail. Modern Commerce retailers are effective, profitable businesses that are always at the forefront of retail, no matter what is the flavour of the month.

Whether you’re a CEO, website manager, customer service representative or another position , you’ll learn the role that your department plays in helping your company get ahead, and how departments can work better together.

The course include;

  • the 19 key issues every head office retail employee should be aware of
  • the strategies applied by today's most valuable retailers
  • step-by-step techniques to turn knowledge into insights
  • how to improve your company's value proposition and competitive differentiation

...and much more!

This course is a great tool and framework to rethink how a Modern Retailer need to act in a continuously changing world. New mindsets are needed to be both flexible and resilient. Modern Commerce Academy gives you the pieces you need to start the change process”
Meet our retail expert;

Cate Trotter, Head of Trends, Insider Trends

Cate has studied the strategies of the world’s leading retailers, and interviewed many of the industry’s key innovators for the past 12 years. She has also been named a top 100 global retail influencer for the past 5 years.

She’s travelled the world, experiencing the best of global retail first-hand. Brands including Nike, Galeries Lafayette, Levi’s, Carrefour and Ikea have made use of her insights – and now you can too.

The course is a cooperation between Avensia and Insider Trends, a UK based agency and subsidiarity to Avensia.


This course is for;

In short - anyone in the head office of a medium or large retailer.

  • Retail leaders – get a better understanding of how the different parts of your business can work together to create value
  • Retail employees – have more informed, productive conversations about how your team can better support the wider business
  • Retail tech professionals/salespeople – understand where retail is going, and what should be on your clients’ minds
  • Founders – understand what best practice looks like and how your startup can quickly get ahead of the competition
  • Investors – sharpen your eye for spotting winners, and boost the strategy of your existing investments
  • Students – get a holistic look at futureproof retail

Join some of the world's brightest brands;