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3 ways to enhance the in-store experience

Jan 15, 2020

It´s no news that physical stores have been facing challenges in recent years. However, more than 90% of the trade is still done in the physical store.

Many companies have focused almost exclusively on the fast-growing e-commerce. But to be honest, how much of your total sales does your e-commerce really account for? Many retail companies with both physical and digital stores have a digital sales share of less than 10 percent, and many significantly lower. It is time to turn the figures around and note that more than 90 percent of the trade is still done in the physical store.

When visitor numbers are declining, it is extremely important to understand what it is that your store can offer, that makes your customers go there instead of shopping online. Use those insights to optimize all channels in your omnichannel infrastructure.

Here we list three tips to improve the in-store experience:

1. Focus on the benefits of the physical store

What makes your customers choose to visit your physical store? Highlight these benefits and streamline and optimize the store accordingly. If you do not already know what your customers think, it is about time you find out. 

2. Get the basics right

A recent Nordic customer survey about the factors that affect customers' willingness to come back to a store, states that the greatest loyalty driver in the physical store is the ability to make the customer feel welcome and appreciated.

So, start with paragraph 1a in the sales manual and offer a simple 'hello' to customers who enter the store! This might sounds easy and almost banal, but according to the survey, not even 50% of respondants felt that stores managed to get this elementary factor right.

3. Digital solutions are not always the solution

One recent trend in commerce is to try to digitize the physical store. But merely adding a digital display to a store will not automatically revolutionize customer experience nor sales.

If you introduce digital solutions they must add real value for the customer, e.g. by simplifying payments or increase availability of product information. But first and foremost, focus on the most valuable asset in the physical store – your staff. They have the advantage of being able to give your customers a personal and warm welcome and offer them their expertise and advice and walk the extra mile to make them happy. In most cases these are the factors that make customers come back.