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The world is getting more complex

New technology and channels pops up and everything is going faster and faster.


Many companies are stuck in a heritage with slow moving systems, processes and culture. This creates an more or less impossible situation to solve as the gap between where you stand and where you need to be is getting bigger and bigger.

The customer moves between the channels and internal silos prevents the business from developing. Creating a culture with the ability to simplify to cope with the complexity is the key. We believe that breakring up parts, systems and processes into focused areas with quality and having the right glue to connect the dots is the right way to go. Only then can you be able to prioritize and build for scale.

A strategy based on a composable and replaceble view is what you need.

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tobias-advisorWith experience from hundreds of large-scale e-commerce projects, we not only help our customers implement systems, but also provide strategic advice and business development in digital commerce.