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Avensia launches Storefront Excite

Avensia is known for its commerce expertise and productified approach. Avensia’s packaged solutions shorten time to market and guarantee first class performance. Now Avensia takes a new leap, into the world of headless and composable commerce, with the launch of the product Storefront Excite.

March 16, 2021, 10:00 CET

Avensia launches Storefront Excite

Storefront Excite is a complete commerce solution built on the latest technology, connecting best-of-breed applications like commercetools, Contentful CMS, InRiver PIM, Apptus eSales etc to a ready-to-use modern commerce solution. Read more about our offer here.

Storefront Excite leverage the true value of composable commerce and help retail companies kickstart an e-commerce project. The solution is built using a MACH architecture, leveraging the latest in Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless. The modular architecture offers speed to value and the flexibility to easily add additional best-of-breed solutions when needed and replace them when circumstances change.

- With Storefront Excite Avensia becomes the glue in the realm of composable commerce, not only by connecting the tech eco-systems but also by adding deep commerce expertise, says Anders Ekdahl, CTO at Avensia. He continue;

- Customers benefit from shortened time to market, world class performance and minimized risk. They also get an eco-system that is completely focused on the end-consumer and a value driven approach where the investments made benefit the entire Avensia modern commerce community, and not only one single customer.

The business value Storefront Excite offers is defined by three pillars:

  • The accelerator part that helps retailers kickstart e-commerce projects and shorten time to market and time to value. Its main components are a ready-to-use e-commerce site with all necessary functionality, leveraging Avensia’s 20+ years of experience and best practice. The standard setup is also completely customizable according to specific needs and ambitions.
  • The performance part that secures world class performance thanks to an innovative and modular technology, built on the latest technology by some of the world’s leading experts in the area. The constant improvement of performance and other features benefits the entire Avensia community. The joint ownership also means minimized risk and lower cost of ownership.
  • The connector package, empowering companies to easily connect different best-of-breed components into a unique eco-system for commerce. Storefront Excite is the true glue in the headless world, that makes sure that the different components can communicate, and benefit from each other. In addition, by making it easy to replace or add new components, it supports an agile and value- driven way of working.

- The business value Avensia brings to the world of modern commerce with its Storefront Excite is truly unique, says Kelly Goetsch, Chief Product Officer at commercetools and continues;

- The Excite solution really helps customers put a composable commerce ecosystem together in a smart way. Not only does it shorten time to market, it is also an extremely powerful tool after go-live, and allows for quick continuous improvements. In addition, the evolution of Excite and the glue connecting other solutions to our platform makes life as a solution provider much easier, it allows us to keep focusing on our core.

Avensia has already signed a number of customers on Storefront Excite and the first project went live earlier this year.

- With Storefront Excite we are really leveraging the best and latest commerce technology, says Robin Gustafsson, acting CEO at Avensia.

- Combined with our strategic commerce expertise, we really add great value to our modern commerce community. With every hour we put into Excite, we empower all our customers enabling them to scale faster and be winners in their fast-evolving day-to-day business. 

For more information, please contact

Robin Gustafsson
acting CEO, Avensia

Anders Ekdahl
CTO, Avensia

Fredrik André
CMO, Avensia

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