Composable Commerce Explained with Tapas

Keeping up with the different e-commerce technology options may seem daunting. Traditional, composable or composed – what does it all mean? In this video we explain the main differences – using tapas! ⬇️


The Composable Commerce Fitting Room

When selecting a new commerce platform, it’s easy to go for the latest and trendiest tech. In this video we explain why you need to stop by the commerce fitting room to really understand which option is best suited for your business. ⬇️



Pre-Packaged Composable Commerce with Avensia Excite

Composable commerce brings a lot of benefits in terms of flexibility, agility and customer centricity. But it takes money, time and effort to get started. Avensia Excite is a pre-packaged composable e-commerce platform where our experts have done the heavy lifting for you. Watch the video to learn more. ⬇️




Avensia Excite is a best-of-breed solution built on the commercetools and Contentful platform. As partners, we offer a complete e-commerce infrastructure for the future of retail.

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