Avensia expands with inRiver PIM

6 new PIM projects, 12 new inRiver certified developers, and a newly-employed PIM expert. This is just part of Avensias major investment in inRiver which started before the summer. An investment that will strengthen both Avensia’s and inRiver’s position on the Nordic market in the coming years.

inRiver PIM is a strategically important business area within Avensia’s e-commerce services. Expertbolaget has implemented the system in several of Sweden's largest retailers, which has led them being twice appointed as partner of the year at inRiver. Now, Avensia is making a wider investment to establish inRiver systems in Denmark and Norway.

"Almost all of our e-commerce projects begin with a PIM system, so it’s a natural part of our solutions. inRiver has shown impressive development in recent years. We only work with products that we consider to be the best on the market, and right now within PIM, that’s inRiver" explains Jörgen Bertilsson, Vice President of Avensia.

In order to be able to undertake more projects, Avensia have put a lot of effort into training developers in PIM, which has so far resulted in 12 new certifications. Ulrik Viebke, who was hired in the summer as a PIM and business analyst, will lead the PIM team and help develop the area further. In addition to the investment in new staff, Avensia have also integrated inRiver into their best-practice platform for Episerver Commerce. You can read more about that here.
The initiative has quickly yielded results in the form of several new PIM assignments. In just the last two months, new PIM projects began for 6 clients. During the autumn, Avensia will work to further increase their share of new PIM projects in the Nordic market.

"We are incredibly excited to have a supplier of Avensia’s calibre who can deliver quality solutions to all types of customers behind us. For us, it is important not only that our partners have mastered the technology, but also that they can help our customers to optimize their operations by using our product. This is where our joint customers are very satisfied with Avensia.", says Niclas Mollin, CEO of inRiver.