Unified Commerce

Unified Commerce is a way to collect all business logistics in a homogenous system. All channels pick up and send information to a central engine, meaning the same information used in a physical store check-out will be available for the web as well.

Omnichannel in one system

Unified Commerce is a ready-made echo system that integrates all channels, rendering manual administration of information between channels unnecessary.  Instead, information can be shared in real-time, making all previous congestions between channels disappear. The information retrieved from the web will instantly be available for action in other channels – and vice versa.

Avensia Storefront is Unified Commerce

By integrating Episerver’s e-commerce platform with Microsoft Dynamics’ retail system, Avensia has solved the omnichannel puzzle. Avensia Storefront is now used by several big companies within both B2C and B2B worldwide.

Benefits of Unified Commerce

• Acts automatically on data between channels in real-time

• All administration is managed from one single system

• It’s easy to add and remove functionality as there are only integrations for the central engine