Alexander van Riesen appointed Innovation Director as Avensia launches Idea and Innovation Initiative, Avensia i2

Avensia today announced the appointment of Alexander van Riesen as Innovation Director. Alexander will be acting as the head of Avensia’s new Idea and Innovation Initiative, Avensia i2.

The purpose of the initiative is to accelerate and even further systematize our work with innovation at Avensia. With an innovation eco-system and culture of ideas, we are enabling innovation and intrapreneurship to flourish and to be an even more integrated part of our ways of working in the daily business at Avensia.

“Avensia’s ability to nurture ideation and innovation will determine our future success on the market”, says Niklas Johnsson, CEO of Avensia. “Alexander is a proven innovator and intrapreneur, and this new position is established to stress the importance of innovation as part of evolving as a company. We want to create an organizational infrastructure to enable, fuel and follow up ideas and innovation initiatives in a systematic way – internally as well as together with customers and partners.”
“With Avensia’s long experience and expertise within digital commerce and our insights into the constantly evolving demands from end-consumers, there is loads of potential for finding new and innovative technical solutions to challenges that retailers and their customers are facing”, said Alexander van Riesen, and continues: “I want all ideas to be taken care of and given the right attention so that ideas can be tested to solve real challenges.” 

 The meaning of the name of the innovation initiative, Avensia i2, is two-fold: The letter I elevated to 2 - Ideas and Innovation, and the concept of Inclusion, meaning that everyone in the company, as well as partners and customers, should feel as an important part of the eco-system’s ability to ideate and innovate.

“One aim is of course to find seeds and early plants that can become the next big groundbreaking product, such as SCOPE and Avensia Storefront, new technology that creates outstanding customer experiences, to help our customers stand out compared to competitors”, continues Alexander, “but the best ideas solve real problems, no matter the size.”