In order to offer the best guidance to your business, we need to understand it. 

With the right combination of tools, skills and the right processes in place, you can turn complexity into simplicity. With one system that keeps all product information together in one single point of truth, administration of your product information can be simplified and efficient.

The goal with a Discovery workshop is to build a business case by defining the scope, requirements, budget and the ROI. 

In a discovery workshop, we put the cards on the table regarding:

•   Consensus around vision & goals

•   Short-term and long-term strategy 

•   Organization incl e.g. Product development, supply chain, IT, Marketing, Sales 

•   Current way of working 

•   Brands, assortment & product range 

•   Product creation process 

•   Launch process 

•   Internal handovers

With this information, we can provide you with: 

•   High level analysis of organization & way of working 

•   Mapping of your current process and a possible future process 

•   Overall roadmap (technical and organizational) for product information management 

•   Recommended market model in relation to platform recommendation 

•   Strategic recommendations to secure a successful implementation

The time we need to have a fruitful Discovery workshop depends on the size of your company, stakeholders, product complexity and market complexity. Just give us a call, we can quickly estimate how much time we need to analyze and pin down your challenges!

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