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Vita live with their new modern commerce solution

Vita AS, an omnichannel retailer and one of the Norwegian leaders in the cosmetic and beauty segment, went live with their brand new e-commerce solution,, on October 28. Vita AS also has 116 stores across Norway.

November 1, 2020 live with their new e-commerce

Their modern commerce solution was built in only 11 weeks, in a very intense project, where the experienced Avensia development team collaborated very closely and efficiently with Vita.

The fast project time was possible by using Avensia's Storefront Nitro Starter site. It is a complete e-commerce infrastructure, built on top of Episerver's platform, that has all the components a modern retailer needs. The starter package gives the retailer a fully functioning e-commerce to start from, and can focus on design and customer experience early in the project.

Storefront Nitro gives the digital commerce speed and performance and stability on mobile devices. It is the result of hundreds of thousands development hours, and is used by most of Avensia's and Episerver's joint customers.

For more information, please contact

Nicklas-ceo3Niklas Johnsson
CEO, Avensia


Tor Eivind Aurdal
Country Manager, Avensia Norway 

fredrik-cmoFredrik André
CMO, Avensia



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