Groundbreaking technology boosts Lyko’s eCommerce

The successful beauty chain Lyko are pioneers for Avensia’s new eCommerce framework; SCOPE. The site was launched at the 5th of October and will be the heart of the fast growing retail company. By using technology created by Facebook the site becomes incredibly fast and available under poor network conditions such as on the train or airplane.

With a vision to conquer the beauty market and an ambition that has challenged what was previously known to be possible within eCommerce. Lyko has launched its new flagship. A site that contains the absolute latest technology that you can find in eCommerce.

With SCOPE all reusable information is saved and available wherever it gets exposed on the site. This way it is possible to browse through the site even when off-line. This technology is perfect for mobile users since they often experience network problems.

“I believe that this is a greater revolution than the responsive site. This will mean a bigger lift of user experience and conversion rates. And we have only scratched the surface of what is possible with SCOPE. We are already implementing the framework for several customers such as Malorama, Menigo and two others” says Jörgen Bertilsson Executive VP Global Business Development at Avensia.

The site is fully optimized for mobile, tablet and laptop. Most sites use responsive design which means that the code is formatted to fit the look of different types of interfaces. SCOPE is instead optimizing the design for different units even though they share the same logic. This enhances the experience and the mobile version becomes more user friendly and identical to an app.

“We call the site Lyko 5.0. It is a constant evolution that makes us continually lay in forefront with our digital offer. We are extremely happy with the site and can’t wait to see what our customers think, says Rickard Lyko, CEO at Lyko Hair.

The framework also contains a whole new campaign system, as well as personalized mail built on artificial intelligence. Even the administration for the site is more flexible with a new way of managing content in Episerver.

The work does not end here.

“That we are in the forefront technically is essential in order for us to fulfill our goal to become the central hub in the beauty business. Out project called “connecting all beauty in the world” will rearrange the frames for commerce within the beauty segment”, says Rickard Lyko.

For Avensia, SCOPE means another advantage that will be important for the company’s continued growth. The framework will also become a part of Avensia Storefront and make the product event more competitative.