Avensia launches Intersport's new site!

Already in 2012 Avensia launched a complete e-commerce solution for Intersport. It was the start of a very successful collaboration that paved the way for further projects. In late spring 2014 Avensia got a new mission, which included adapting the entire site for mobile with a new and modern design.

The site, which is based on the platform Episerver Commerce, is a cornerstone of the company's large omnichannel venture. The various channels are promoting each other by driving traffic between stores and e-commerce. There is also a new editorial inspiration page, which will provide motivation and knowledge to Intersport's customers. Extensive work has also been put on an improved and more relevant search function from Apptus that helps customers find what they’re looking for.

"Our website has received an incredible lift and really shows that we are serious, and we are the best at sports, regardless of channel. I am especially pleased with the new section Stories. There, we provide knowledge and tips with the help of our skilled employees and the sports stars we work with. It will strengthen us considerably in the social channels in an inspiring way"- says Intersport CEO, Ulf Kinneson.