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How to take modern digital commerce from complexity to clarity

Many commerce businesses are struggling to keep up. With competition, new trends, new technology and new customer demands. How can they stop chasing and take the lead?

Aired: March 17th

In this webinar our experts explaine why modern commerce doesn't have to be that complex. With a value-based approach to both strategy and tech, it is actually quite simple to make the right decisions.  These are some of the questions they answered.

  • Where to invest in terms of digital commerce capabilities?
  • What does it mean to be agile, really?
  • Do businesses have to go headless?
  • What systems are essential?
  • How do you use value as a base for decision-making?

Meet our speakers

employee-sofia-arujohan-transparent4Every day, modern commerce advisors Sofia Aru and Johan Liljeros meet struggling businesses in the retail value chain, who are trying to keep up with competition. In this webinar, they will pin down the most common challenges today, and how successful businesses are tackling them.

employee-davidDavid Engström builds modern commerce puzzles daily, in his job as solution architect. In a non-technical manner, he will answer what businesses really need to assemble a solid digital commerce machinery, and how to take informed decisions about what tech to use.

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