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How composable commerce can support your 2021 business goals

Aired December 9th, 2020

Composable commerce, headless commerce, API driven and micro-services - you have heard the buzzwords. In this session you will learn what it all means and how can you use the technology to realize your business ambitions for 2021.

More about the speakers

andersAnders Ekdahl, CTO, Avensia. In addition to his CTO role, Anders is very active as a developer. He is one of the masterminds behind Avensia's e-com framework for speed, stability and performance of e-commerce sites. He is very appreciated as a speaker for his natural ability to explain tech in an educational manner.

kelly-commercetools250Kelly Goetsch, CPO, commercetools. In his role, Kelly oversees the product management and product development at commercetools. Kelly has expertise in commerce, microservices, and distributed computing, having spoken and published extensively on these topics.

Blog post

Composable commerce explained with tomatoes

Digital commerce platforms are evolving quickly, and a new type of architecture will change the game for retailers, very soon. In this blog post, we briefly explain Composable commerce and microservices, and we use a cooking metaphor to explain it all.