The C-level guide to composable e-commerce

One of the biggest trends in e-commerce right now is composable. And that is not just a question of technology platforms. In fact, the decision to select a modular e-commerce setup goes beyond the CTO/CIO – it is a mindset that needs to be understood and adopted by the entire company. Once everyone is onboard, the benefits and possibilities are unlimited.

Date: April 27    Time:    11 am CET (click here for 2 pm EST registration)

In this webinar we will present the business opportunities that composable commerce brings as well as address the most common myths about composable commerce (including the misconception that you need to be a really sophisticated tech company to use it).

What you’ll learn:

  • What composable commerce is and how successful businesses use it to be relevant, agile and ready for the future
  • A nuanced view of the most common myths about composable commerce
  • How to build your business case for composable commerce and get your C-suite onboard with a new approach

Meet our speakers

johan-sommarJohan Sommar. In his role as senior commerce advisor at Avensia, Johan works on all levels, from in-store staff to the company board and C-suite, to develop high-performing retail strategies. His expertise sits at the intersection between strategy, technology, consumer behavior, creativity and business.

kelly-commercetools2Kelly Goetsch. In his role as CPO,  Kelly oversees the product management and product development at commercetools. He is also popular public speaker, with the ability to easily explain to decision-makers how technology decisions affect business results.

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