A smooth and future-proof handling of product data

We asked our business advisor within the Food & Beverage industry what he would do if he was heading up a team working with product data, to make sure that operations were smooth and not a bottle neck for growth.


Magnus Hedberg, Business advisor at Avensia who works with customers in the Food & Beverage industry, gave us four cornerstones and explained why they are fundamental for a growing business.

This checklist is focused on those areas of product information management:

  • A strategy for growth
  • Smooth adaptation to customers' requirements
  • Project management for growth
  • A future-proof approach to data quality

The checklist covers areas such as GS1 pool regulations, how to automate more and do less manual work, PIM systems, reuse of data, packaging design and how to manage the relationship with all the stakeholders in the supply chain.

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