8 pieces of advice from our industry strategists

No matter what you are selling, your work with product information, processes and data, need to keep up with the times.


You are probably already struggling with the requirements and expectations from different channels. What happens when another channel becomes crucial? Or when sustainability labelling becomes a legal requirement? What you need is control. A foundation for your product information management, that works for you.

When your team is in control, new legal requirements or changed standards will not be showstoppers anymore.

8 recommended actions from our industry experts

Our business advisors within the area of Information Management for Construction & DIY has put together a checklist, that walks you through a number of actions that they usually recommend for our customers in the industry. Their mantra is “Take ownership of what you put into your product information”.

The work that needs to be done is about processes and tools. The outcome is increased content quality and a future-proof way of handling product data.

Note: The advice you are given in this checklist are based on the assumption that you have a PIM or MDM system in place. If you don’t, it will serve as a source of information about their potential, and how much you can automate and win in terms of efficiency and control, by letting a well-oiled machinery work for you.

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