E-commerce / Black Week

Another Black Week and Cyber Monday with 100% uptime

Dec 03, 2020

We are happy to report that Black Week 2020 went by smoothly, 100% uptime, no alarms from any server, indicating top notch performance and customer experience for the consumers, as usual.

Black week is the busiest time of the year for Avensia's e-commerce customers. There are many factors in an e-commerce infrastructure that need to interact, so there is a risk for unpredicted hickups. Avensia offers standby shifts to work with site service just in case. We also have advanced alarm systems active 24-7 that notifies if servers go down or derive from normal behavior.

Higher server loads - no effect on load times

In general, response times on our customers’ sites didn’t increase at all despite having an all-time- high load. This is a result of the joint efforts from Avensia, our customers and hosting providers. Avensia is hosting some of our customer's servers, and has genuine knowledge about how our customer's customers usually behave during Black Week. We have made sure that we have sufficient resources and server capacity to cope with the increased traffic and simultaneous operations.

NA-KD – 104 000 orders on Black Friday

One of Avensia's customers, NA-KD, reports that more than 1,7 million visited their site during Black Friday, and generated over 104 000 orders and 11, 3 million USD (95 million SEK) in sales. During the best hour, NA-KD sold for 1, 1 million USD (9,3 million SEK), and the highest peak in simultaneous transactions was 5,4 orders per second.

Lyko – one order per second on Black Friday

In a press release, Lyko reports an all-time high sales record: 250 000 orders were handled in total during Black Week. Another record was set during Black Friday, which was the busiest day of the week, with 64 000 orders. For several hours Lyko's e-commerce handled one order per second.

Performance and reliability with Storefront Nitro

Lyko and NA-KD’s e-commerce solutions are built with Avensia’s Storefront Nitro framework. Scalablility, performance and user experience are at the heart of the tech stack, and offers a reliable platform all days of the year, including busy times like Black Week.

Storefront Nitro is used by the majority of Avensia’s customers and is constantly improved based on changing consumer demands. The innovative framework is the result of 100 000 development hours. The Storefront Nitro framework has been packaged into a fully functional starter site that allows for very short project times. Our experienced developers and project teams can build a high-quality, scalable e-commerce solution in just 30 days.