"We are very pleased to have Avensia as our e-commerce provider"


About Procurator

Procurator is one of Sweden’s leading wholesale companies. It is a full-range supplier that offers a wide range of personal protective equipment, hygiene wipes, cleaning, catering, office supplies and packaging.

The company operates throughout the Nordic region as well as in Estonia, where they work with the largest suppliers in the respective fields and take an active role in the development of new products. Procurator also offers risk and needs assessments, training, service, and offers customized security solutions.


The wholesale company Procurator owes much of its success to being a "one stop shop" for all types of protective and cleaning products. However, with a website that was difficult to navigate and search, it quite simply did not live up to the company's ambitions. Procurator therefore decided to invest in their e-commerce.

"Our vision was to enrich the products with information so that we could assist our customers in their buying process. Therefore, we decided to purchase in a product information system, which we hired Avensia to help us with. "- Kristian Grönvall, Marketing Manager at Procurator

The PIM project was a success and Avensia was asked to continue with the assignment of developing Procurator’s e-commerce.

The project

E-commerce had not progressed very far within B2B. There were few successful projects in the industry to look to for inspiration. Procurator instead turned its gaze to consumer sites. It was important for the company to create a simple and enjoyable digital experience for its customers.

"For us it is important that our customers get the same pleasant treatment when they shop online as when they talk to one of our sellers. We have a large range of products and therefore must help our customers to both find the right products in an easy way and make the right buying decisions in all situations, regardless of the channel. Therefore, we focused a lot on product information and recommendations." - Kristian Grönvall

The solution is based on Avensia’s own platform, the Avensia Commcerce Server. Searching and recommendations utilize Apptus eSales, and inRiver PIM acts as a product information system. The site also has highly customized B2B functionality, such as rules on which customers can see which products, as well as rules for certification and orders.

"As one of the first major wholesale companies in Sweden to create a modern e-commerce system, we want to see ourselves as IT pioneers within B2B. We are very pleased to have Avensia as our e-commerce provider. They have contributed a lot to our successful transition to a new platform for e-commerce." - Kristian Grönvall