"Without Avensia's experience we probably wouldn't have launched yet"


About OCAY

OCAY was founded in spring 2014 and is Scandinavia's leading dealer of "Business Essentials". The company is a merger of the former companies Gullbergs and Kontorsvaruhuset both of which sold supplies to offices, such as paper, ink cartridges and more. As the market changes, the company has seen a need to broaden its range and to increase the accessibility of its sales channels.


OCAY was formed through a merger between two well established companies with old systems. In a short time they had to create a common catalog, a new e-commerce platform, a new business model and a new pricing strategy. All these elements should now harmonize together and the challenge was to do this with a very tight schedule.

The company's ambition was to create an omni-channel environment, which means putting the customer at the center and to create a seamless experience through all channels. Therefore, an important part of the project to bring order to all product information in OCAYs large assortment. All the data needed to be collected at the same place where it could be enriched with relevant information.

"Omni-channel is important to us. Customers want to shop here and now, so we'll also be able to meet the customer. It won’t matter if they want to shop with their phone, desktop, phone us, or meet a seller personally. We have many different sales channels, and it is important that we deliver consistent information through all channels, "explains Hans Edlund, E-commerce Manager at OCAY.


As the engine of the whole project was important for OCAY to find an e-commerce platform that could deliver at a high level. By Avensias recommendation Episerver Commerce was chosen since it suited the company's need to successfully link the CMS and e-commerce.
As product information system inRiver PIM was chosen, which is one of the leading product information systems in the market today. This system feeds e-commerce platform with information and makes it easy to manage all products from one interface. PIM system is also used to send information to other channels and is a fundamental part of the company's omni-channel venture.

In order to present all the information properly Avensia implemented Apptus eSales. A smart search and relevance engine that personalizes the site's content depending on the visitor's behavior. In short, it adjusts the order of the articles that appear based on the visitor's history, which means that the most relevant products are displayed at the top.

"The Customer must meet the OCAY that suits them. We want to be personal in our treatment regardless of the channel. It is important for us to learn what the customer wants, to know what the customer wants, and then deliver on it", says Hans.

The site also has several interesting features such as the Favorites list. It is a feature that allows the customer to post items that they buy often. Then they do not need to look through the full range to find a product with quick access by the Favorites list.
OCAY is one of several large e-commerce projects Avensia launched during 2014.

"The project was a major challenge and therefore it was important for us to find an experienced partner. There, we found a good match in Avensia! An important part Avensia taught us in this time-pressured project was to prioritize. We wanted very much, but if we had taken everything that we wanted from the start, we certainly wouldn’t have launched the site yet, "explains Hans.