Kjell & Company and Avensia - partners in tech since 2011

Kjell & Company

About Kjell & Company

Kjell & Company has the widest selection of home electronics in the Nordics and sells through their brick-and-mortar stores and their website, Kjell.com. The company, with logistics center in Malmö, has 105 stores in Sweden and 17 stores in Norway, and around 1000 employees. 

Partners since 2011

Already in 2011, Kjell & Company started a project together with Avensia that was going to be a success story. Avensia was entrusted to do a “total makeover” of Kjell & Company’s existing e-commerce solution. Kjell & Company wanted help to build something out of the ordinary, both in terms of technology and design.

Kjell & Company chose to introduce inRiver's PIM for a more efficient product handling. They also chose the search- and relevance engine e-Sales from Apptus, that with its intelligence optimises the site for each unique visitor and thus facilitates for the customer navigation in Kjell & Company’s wide assortment. 

2014: a responsive site with mobile adaptations 

During autumn 2013 a new project was started together with Avensia. Kjell & Company decided to continue to improve the site according to their omnichannel strategy and make it completely adapted to mobile devices and smartphones. Kjell.com got a new responsive web design aimed to guide the customer between the site and the brick-and-mortar stores. It also included improved functionality. “Ask Kjell” was sorted under a “Knowledge Bank” where the company put up theme pages and product films together with the digital version of the popular fact book series “How Does It Work?”. The result of the launch of the site was an increase in traffic with 95%, since the launch in November 2011.

2019: a new platform and Avensia's framework Storefront Nitro. 

In October 2019 Kjell & Company once again went live with a new site, following 9 months of development with the dedicated team at Avensia. By upgrading to modern digital commerce technology, Episerver and Storefront Nitro, Kjell & Company can offer their customers a blazingly fast site, centered around knowledge-sharing and technical counseling, and a design adapted to modern buying behavior.  

The goal for the first part of the project was to re-create the old site, on Episerver's platform, built to fit into modern commerce and changing buying behavior. 

We chose Episervers as platform, with Avensias framework Storefront Nitro on top, since the combination has proven very successful for players in other industries. We are the first home electronics chain using the combination and we are now launching a hyper modern kjell.com. It will enable us to keep delivering world class service to our customers, says Martin Knutson, CTO, Kjell & Company.
The platform work with Avensia has been very intense and rewarding. With this new platform we are given new possibilities to communicate with our customers in a faster and more personal manner, continues Martin Knutson.  

The fact that Kjell & Company have been working with e-commerce for twenty years, and that they have been a customer and partner to Avensia since 2011, made its mark during the development project: 

Kjell & Company's technical expertise and competence raises the bar for the work we do together: The technical level of our cooperation is very high. We have kept a close dialog during the project and we have really challenged each other. That has been a key factor to be able to relaunch a site with so much existing and new functionality, on a new platform, in such short time, says Tobias Ekholm, Project Manager at Avensia.  

Capacity, performance and load times

With their new, modern commerce solution, Kjell & Company can offer their customers a seamless connection between the digital commerce and the physical stores, and the scalable new platform enables Kjell & Company to continuously develop their offer and create new digital services for their customers. The site is built with the Storefront Nitro framework, an innovative architecture that speeds up response times and makes the mobile site stable, even when the network is unstable, e.g. on a train or on a bus.  

Analyses of buying behavior shows that commerce sites are no longer used on desktops for long sessions,  but rather in short bursts during an ongoing customer journey, like on the bus, in a queue or in the store. That makes high capacity and fast load times essential in modern digital commerce, because you need to maximize the customer's short visits to your store, every millisecond of waiting is an experience killer, says Johan Sommar, senior commerce advisor at Avensia. 

Not only do load times affect the user experience, recent studies shows that a 100 milliseconds delay in website load time can hurt conversion rates with 7%, a two-second delay in web page load time increase bounce rates by 103% and 53 % of mobile site visitors will leave a page that takes more than three seconds to load.

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