"Avensia has really challenged us through the entire project"

Kjell & Company

About Kjell & Company

Kjell & Company has the widest selection of home electronics in the Nordic countries and sells through their brick-and-mortar stores and Internet. The company has 77 stores in 42 cities in Sweden, head office in Malmö and a procurement office in Shanghai. The company has experienced a strong growth in the past years and in 2013 had a turnover of approximately SEK 930 million. According to a market research from market.se Kjell & Company is one of the fastest growing brands in Sweden.


Already in 2011 Kjell & Company started a project together with Avensia that was going to be a success story. Avensia was entrusted to do a “total make over” of Kjell & Company’s existing e-commerce solution. They had a major effort in mind and wanted help to build something out of the ordinary, both in terms of technology and design.
Kjell & Company chose to introduce inRivers PIM for a more efficient product handling. They also chose the search- and relevance engine e-Sales from Apptus, that with its intelligence optimises the site for each unique visitor and thus facilitates for the customer navigation in Kjell & Company’s wide assortment. To build an e-commerce solution where several leading products interact to create the best possible user experience is a challenge.

“Avensia really had to show what they were made of as specialists in Apptus’ search engine eSales and inRiver PIM. On several occasions we had to stretch the products’ boundaries to reach our demands but Avensia sorted it out in an exemplary manner” says Martin Knutson, IT-manager at Kjell & Company.

After the site’s launch in 2011 the cooperation between Kjell & Company and Avensia has continued, and during autumn 2013 a new project was started.

The assignment

Together with Avensia Kjell & Company decided to continue building on their omnichannel strategy and make the site completely adapted to mobile devices and smartphones. Kjell.com got a new web design that is responsive and adapted to guide the customer between the site and the brick-and-mortar stores. It also includes ample improved functionality. “Ask Kjell” has been sorted under a “Knowledge Bank” where the company put up theme pages and product films together with the digital version of the popular fact book series “How Does It Work?”.

“Avensia has really challenged us throughout the entire project” says Stefan Olsson, webmaster at Kjell & Company. “Their longstanding expertise within e-commerce, advanced search engine technologies and optimised product handling has been of great help to us in our cooperation. We left nothing to chance.”

Five questions to Stefan Olsson / Martin Knutson, Kjell & Company

1. How has the customers’ response been since the launch of the site?
The response from our customers has been very good! A responsive site has been long overdue. We have previously had an app that only listed mobile accessories. Now our customers can shop just as easily from a smartphone as from a laptop.
2. How has the visitors’ behaviour changed with the new site?
The number of purchases from smartphones has increased by 158% compared to previous year. The mobile website is tailored so that our customers can easily get in touch with their local brick-and-mortar store. Our goal is not only to increase the conversion rate on the website but also to help the customer on the voyage so that she/he can shop where it is the most convenient.
3. What is your experience of the cooperation with Avensia?
It was Avensia that presented the suggestion to make the website responsive. They have created a complete wireframe sketch that we could show internally and thus facilitate the decision-making. The relationship has lasted since we started the project in 2011 and has worked very well. In the responsive project we provided the design that Avensia then implemented. We are very happy with the end result!
4. What change of the website has primarily been beneficiary for your conversion rate?
That the entire website is adapted to mobile devices has made a huge difference, but especially for smartphones. Our goal is to increase the conversion rate for all channels.
5. Which tangible results can we see?
What we can say officially is that the traffic to the website has increased by 95% since the launch in November 2011.