The challenge for KICKS was that they had an e-commerce solution that didn’t match their ambitions. After 7 years with the same platform, much was built in-house and custom-made, which made it harder to upgrade. The previous site could not manage Black Friday, and had problems during Christmas. They needed an optimized, more standardized system, that could easily be upgraded according to customer expectations, and a site that was ready for unified commerce.

Performance was also crucial for KICKS. As most of KICKS’s customers are digital natives, who wants to be inspired and have quite a low attention span, they needed speed.

The new site was launched the first of November, and it blew their customers’ minds. With Avensia’s framework Storefront Nitro and the latest e-commerce technology, it is incredibly fast and gives the customers a fantastic user experience. The new solution is built on Episerver’s e-commerce platform, and Storefront for Dynamics enables integration between the ERP and the digital experience. 

The new e-commerce site was launched with a new graphical profile and a new concept: “More of you”. One keyword in this new brand identity is relationship commerce. The goal is to speak to the individual rather than to the masses. With a true unified commerce solution, they can offer a seamless customer experience, where the customer gets the same feeling, service, and support, independent of channel.  KICKS’s strength is their physical stores and a wide variety of products. They have opened up new flagship stores in Sweden, where they offer beatuy and wellness experiences and treatments.

Finland also got a new e-commerce, they did not have one before this launch. Store staff in Finland experienced a storm of feedback about how fantastic the site was and received lots of visits from customers who were really excited and loved the new site. The sales figures in Finland were 21% higher than expected.

Kicks and Avensia continues to work closely together, to continuously improve the user experience and add value for Kicks' customers, both online and in-store. An interesting in-store project will be revealed quite soon, so stay tuned!