"Avensia has shown great competence in e-commerce"


New project

Already in 2012 Avensia launched a complete e-commerce solution for Intersport. It was the start of a very successful collaboration that paved the way for further projects. In late spring 2014 Avensia got a new mission, which included adapting the entire site for mobile with a new and modern design.

The site, which is based on the platform Episerver Commerce, is a cornerstone of the company's large omnichannel venture. The various channels are promoting each other by driving traffic between stores and e-commerce. There is also a new editorial inspiration page, which will provide motivation and knowledge to Intersport's customers. Extensive work has also been put on an improved and more relevant search function from Apptus that helps customers find what they’re looking for.

"Our website has received an incredible lift and really shows that we are serious, and we are the best at sports, regardless of channel. I am especially pleased with the new section Stories. There, we provide knowledge and tips with the help of our skilled employees and the sports stars we work with. It will strengthen us considerably in the social channels in an inspiring way"- says Intersport CEO, Ulf Kinneson.

First project

The business of sports accessories and sports clothing is now seen as a winning industry in the multichannel commerce and predicted growth of more than 8% in 2013 as a continued growth of around 7% in 2012. In recent years, there have emerged new operators in the market while international players works its way into the Swedish market.

INTERSPORT took up the challenge against competitors by following the multi-channel trend and investing heavily to meet the customers online and not only in the store. In March 2012 they appointed Avensia, with its many years of experience in building multi-channel solutions for its market-leading e-retailers, as Intersport's e-commerce provider.

Along with Avensia INTERSPORT chose to build its multi channel solution with e-commerce platform Episerver combined with InRiver PIM for product information management and search and relevance engine from Apptus eSales.

Avensia was commissioned as turnkey supplier and began to develop a proposal on how the technical solution would be sewn together to optimize the various products and their interactions in the system. Furthermore, it was supplemented technical solution proposal with graphic design for the critical user flows. INTERSPORT jumped directly on Avensias proposal and thereby gave Avensia confidence to carry out the implementation.

"One of Avensias absolute strengths is our many years of experience in building e-commerce solutions with the search and relevance engine from Apptus and InRiver PIM. Our team has the technical expertise required to get the maximum out of these products for each individual e-commerce site. We also attach great importance to the end-customer's user experience because it is essential for a good conversion. It is extremely important to look beyond the technical aspects of a delivery as this. "Explains Johan Liljeros, solution architect at Avensia.

Intersport's new e-commerce has great focus on simplicity for the visitor. With Apptus eSales, Avensia optimizes chances to present the right product for the right visitors, and sort the content in the most relevant order. Another important component of the new e-commerce solution is InRiver PIM streamlines Intersport's internal handling of product now also be adapted for online sales.

On 22 October, all the pieces were put in place and new INTERSPORT.se was launched. Sales were above expectations already in the first week and Avensia are of course very proud to show off another e-commerce masterpiece!