"We are very satisfied with the results"


About Lekolar

Lekolar AB is the market leader in Scandinavia for products within play and learning. The company's customers consist mainly of kindergartens and schools in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. The company has been owned by BRIO since 2004, and has its headquartered in Osby. They have about 250 employees with a turnover of over 1 billion kronor. Lekolar’s range includes more than 20,000 products in categories including teaching aids, toys, furniture and accessories.


Lekolar saw changes in the purchasing behaviour of its customers. The industry was no longer quite the same as it had been. Customers were influenced by their private purchases, as the B2C industry has come a long way regarding e-commerce and the creation of digital customer experiences.

"We wanted to create an e-commerce system that was not just practical but also gave a great added value for our customers in terms of user experience." - Mattias Johansson, Head of Commercial Management at Lekolar

After examining the different systems and suppliers that were on the market, Lekolar chose to use Avensia as their e-commerce provider and the Episerver Commerce for their platform. It would prove to be a recipe for success.

The project

Lekolar operate throughout Scandinavia and the site was therefore set up to function in 4 different languages. The solution matches the look and interaction design of leading B2C websites, but also offers a number of B2B-specific features and integrations. An exciting feature is the automatic linkages created between product and CMS pages. The site is backed by artificial intelligence from Apptus eSales, which continuously adapts the content and provides recommendations according to the visitor's preferences.

"We are pleased to be able to present Lekolar’s new e-commerce site. It has been an instructive project with Lekolar working closely with Avensia throughout the process. We are very satisfied with the results" - Mattias Johansson, Head of Commercial Management at Lekolar

The site is optimized for registration of new users from existing customers in Lekolar’s business information system. It is therefore created with Lekolar’s actual business conditions in mind, and minimizes conversion obstacles in this classic conversion trap.