"Avensia has the greatest expertise in e-commerce!"


About Byggmax

Byggmax is a retailer that started in 1993 in Täby, selling building materials. They sell products for construction, renovation and interior design for both end consumers and professionals. The chain has over 100 stores in the Nordic countries, of which 68 are located in Sweden. Their e-commerce sites byggmax.se, byggmax.no and byggmax.fi offers, in addition to the physical stores' slim catalog further, 1000s of building products that can be ordered with home delivery. They currently have about 600 employees.


Byggmax.se was in 2012 announced e-commerce site of the year by Internet World. With a strong ambition to invest even more in e-commerce and further expand the e-commerce line, they felt that the existing platform was not sufficient. Above all Byggmax wanted to make the site even better in mobile channels, make it easier for customers to find the right products, and also reduce internal administrative tasks. After investigating several options, the choice of e-commerce supplier was Avensia.

"We liked the best of breed way of thinking, to put together the best components for the best solution. We got great confidence in Avensia, that had the greatest expertise in e-commerce and who understood our needs and requirements", explains Mia Kamlén, e-commerce manager at Byggmax.

The assignment

The task consisted of creating a multi-channel solution where the site was to be adapted for self-optimization and impersonation. The site was built on the platform Avensia Commerce Server and supplemented with a PIM system from inRiver and search- and relevance engine e-Sales from Apptus.

"It has been a very exciting project for Avensia to create a new site for Byggmax since their old site just won the award Sweden's best e-commerce solution. It feels really good that we have conversion levels and response times to new levels with the new site, says Jörgen Bertilsson, " vice president at Avensia.

In addition to both the new CMS and Commerce section the goal was to put great emphasis on personalization, campaign management and filtering opportunities. Considerable work was put into the product management system which enabled a wider range of filtering functions. An order management system was also created.

"E-commerce is of course today more and more integrated with the physical stores and therefore it is also important that the shopping experience benefits from the experience we have from the physical store. That it is easy to find your way back to items the customer previously looked at and that the customer just like candy shelves at the checkouts get suggestions for other goods they could use but never knew that it needed", says Mia Kamlén.

Four questions for Mia Kamlén, e-commerce manager at Byggmax

1. How do you perceive the new site ?
It is very fast . Especially in mobile. Checkout has been improved by reducing the number of steps to purchase, and that it has become easier and faster for customers to fill in their details.

2. How has the cooperation been with Avensia?
It has worked very well. We have had an open and creative dialogue throughout the project both with developers, project managers and management at Avensia. They have always been very solution-oriented and accommodating. By Avensia in some cases challenged our ideas together, we have been able to come up with even better solutions.

3. The site has recently been released. Can we see some immediate results?
We have received an average increased conversion rate by 25%, with peaks of 165%. Sales of mobile channels has increased sharply by 119 % for mobiles and 191% for tablets. The site is now additionally 6 times faster than before.

4. What was the biggest challenge of the project?
Internally the big challenge was for us implementation of the PIM system, as it totally changed the way we work, but the project itself was to keep up the pace, as well as quality was to be maintained at a high level. To achieve this very good and clear communication was required.