From product focus to customer focus

Swedish discounter chain ÖoB has embarked upon a digitalization journey together with loyalty platform provider Voyado and Avensia's advisory team specialized in CX & Loyalty. The first part of the journey has shifted the company focus, from the products to the customers. Avensia's commerce advisors helped ÖoB with extensive strategy work before the launch of the loyalty program powered by Voyado, and are still working with ÖoB strategically and in operations. In this short video we get a glimpse of what it took to launch the loyalty program, how Avensia helped ÖoB and what the results were: 

The CX and Loyalty team at Avensia are experienced experts within the field of Loyalty-driven commerce. With unique methods we help companies create customer experiences to generate increased sales, customer loyalty and internal efficiency. Read more about the CX and Loyalty advisory team here.