Rosemary Reid

Front End Developer

After spending her childhood in Canada and India, Rose fell in madly in love with both Sweden and Programming, and quickly earned herself a college diploma in Front End development and became a Swede. Rose was initially drawn to Avensia after hearing great things about its Developer Trainee program, and has stayed for the great people, culture, coffee, knowledge sharing, and opportunities for growth and development.

“One of my favorite things about Avensia is the strong sense of community. The Developer Trainee program really reflects it, and it made me feel comfortable enough to freely ask questions and learn a lot as a result.”

As an Avensia Developer Trainee, Rosemary has primarily been working with React, Redux, TypeScript and Styletron in a project involving famous Swedish beauty supply retailer Kicks. Along the way, she’s learned a great deal about problem solving efficiently. She cites the mentor setup and activities like pair programming as reasons she’s learned as much as she has.

“It’s been such a fun and mentally stimulating experience so far, and I feel like Avensia is really true to their word when it comes to their commitment to help you develop into your role. I’d highly recommend joining the program to anyone that’s considering it.”