Patryk Szachagluchowicz

Back End Developer

Patryk Szachagluchowicz likes a challenge. After graduating from vocational school, he first went on to work for a small company, but continued studying programming in his spare time. He was keen to learn more and tackle new, exciting tasks. In the Avensia Developer Trainee program, Patryk gets to do plenty of both.

“I always get fun, challenging tasks to solve here at Avensia. I’ve worked a lot with C#, inRiver PIM, Git, HTML and CSS – and I definitely have a greater understanding of both e-commerce and coding in general as a result of it.”

As a trainee, Patryk – like other trainees – started out shadowing his mentor and learning more about the Avensia way of working. One month in, he was assigned to his first project.

“I like that we were assigned to projects so early on, and how encouraging and helpful everyone always is. It’s easy to see that this is a company that cares about our growth. They regularly check in with us and our personal development plans to ensure that we reach the goals we’ve set for ourselves and do the work we want to do. Which is also a great way to see all the possibilities here, and that’s awesome.”